Paey Recipe


6 pcs. Paya (goat)
1½ tsp salt
1 tsp. turmeric (Haldi) powder
1 tsp. chili (Lal Mirch) powder
1 tsp. garlic (Lehsan) paste
1 tsp. ginger (Adrak) paste
2 tbs. corn flour (starch) or
100 grm. Yogurt
½ tsp garam masala powder
1 tbs. coriander (Dhaniya) powder
Green Chilies
1 bunch fresh coriander (Dhaniya) leaves
ginger (Adrak) (Julian)
1 Onion medium
½ cup oil


Wash Paey, boil for 1 minute and Drain the water.
Add Turmeric (Haldi), chili, Garlic (Lehsan) paste, Ginger (Adrak) paste, coriander powder and salt.
Add 6-8 cups of water and leave on
very low heat for five to six hours to tenderize.
Add corn flour or yogurt, cook few minutes to thicken (stirring all the time to avoid lumps). Add garam masala. Fry onion in a little oil and add to it.
Garnish with fresh Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya), green chili and Ginger (Adrak).
Serve with naan.
Serving: 4 to 5 persons.

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