How to cook Paratha l Indian Cooking Recipe -x- Easy to Cook

Parathas are south asia food, and it is daily used in breakfast in Pakistan and Indian. There are many different recipes to prepare Paratha, but we have one of them here. You will find this Indian cooking recipe very tasty. You will find it tasty with Omelet.

Wheat flour- One or two cups

Melted butter

Knead wheat flour and salt with some water, some melted butter and little salt into a hard dough (the more you knead, the softer the paratha)

Now, make small balls of this-each one inch or more in diameter. Press with hand. Now put little butter, fold into four parts. Roll this into dry wheat flour and roll it, till it is thin and round. It need not be very thin. You may need to sprinkle wheat flour on both sides occasionally, or else it will stick to the roller

Now, place this on heated dry flat pan. When it changes colour (light brown), turn over. Apply some butter on the top side. Now turn over and apply butter on other side also. With the help of a flat spoon, ensure consistent baking on both sides. It is ready when golden brown on both sides

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