Rice Parathas Recipe - Indian Cooking Recipe

Thinking of new recipe, let do something new thing with rice instead of making lemon rice, fried rice or Chinese rice, lets make Rice Paratha, its an easy recipe and it is from Indian. the most interesting thing for this recipe that you can make it from leftover rice.

Ingredients for Paratha:-
Leftover rice- 1 cup
Onion- 1 finely chopped
Carrot- 1 small piece grated
Green chillies –1
Capsicum –1 finely chopped
Finely chopped coriander leaves- 1-2 spoons
Salt to taste
Jeera Powder -1 spoon
Chilli Powder-for more spicy flavour as per taste
Chickpea (Besan)Flour- as per rice consistency
Oil –for the parathas

Take the leftover rice in a bowl and mash it thoroughly, if need be can use a blender too. Add the other ingredients except oil to this mashed rice. The dough will be a bit sticky so apply little oil on your hands to make round balls of the dough and roll into small parathas. I found patting with my hands easy to make small parathas. Dip parathas in flour to aid in easy rolling of the parathas. Heat a tawa and put on the paratha. Add little bit oil around the sides of the paratha. Cook till brown spots appear on both sides of the paratha. Serve the hot parathas with curd/raitha/pickle.

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