Puri - Indian Dish

Ingredients for Indian recipes : Puri recipe-

2 cups of Wheat flour or 2 cups maida
2 tablespoons ghee
5 tablespoons milk
Salt to taste

Method of preparation for Indian recipes: Puri recipe-

Combine the flour, ghee, milk and salt with little water. Knead well to make even dough. Wrap with damp muslin cloth and set to one side for an hour. Construct lemon sized balls out of the dough. Spin out each ball into even round shape using a rolling pin. Dust it with some flour. Duplicate this with all the remaining balls.

Heat up a cup of oil in a deep curved pan (kadai). Place the puris in the hot oil and cook until both the sides are golden brown. Compress the puris with the spatula with light hands to puff up in between the process. Repeat this with all the puris. Serve hot …

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