Banana a day keeps the pain away - Benefits of Banana

BANANAS, like apples, have proven health benefits. In the latest studies, scientists have found additional benefits from bananas.

A recent study suggests that eating three bananas a day cuts risk for stroke by 21 percent. This could prevent more than a million a year of stroke deaths worldwide. What’s in a banana? The miracle ingredient is potassium, which reduces blood pressure, thus combating a leading cause of stroke.

From peels up to the pulp of bananas, its surprising health benefits like fighting skin dryness, wrinkles and blemishes are just a few and truly more effective natural medicine.

* Zit zapper. Based on research, banana pulp and peels have natural antibiotic properties, research shows, and also fight inflammation. To battle skin breakouts, after cleansing your face at night, rub the inside of the peel on pimples, then rinse off in the morning.

* Get rids of warts. Banana peel works on warts. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Daily treatment for weeks will do the miracle. Apply the banana peel before bedtime. Let it sit overnight and wash it in the morning.

* Hangover cure. Heavy drinking depletes the body of potassium and leaves you dehydrated, and   a pounding headache and churning stomach the next morning. Eat a banana or two before bed, washed down with at least 16 ounces of water. You’ll get rid of hangovers, because bananas are 75 percent water and packed with potassium to help you rehydrate and restore a healthy electrolyte balance.

If hangover still sneaks in, the quickest solution is a banana milkshake sweetened with a  tablespoon of honey. Or try mixing banana-strawberry frozen yogurt with a few ounces of Ginger Ale to settle your stomach.

* Morning sickness relief. Bananas also appear to ease morning sickness in some expecting moms. Since this diet doesn’t supply all necessary nutrients, it’s only intended for short-term relief.

* Banishing bloat. Low in calories, bananas is one of the popular morning diet in Japan. An excellent food for weight loss, the potassium in bananas can also help reduce fluid retention, particularly swelling around the ankles during pregnancy. 

Bananas are high in fiber, so they help you feel full longer, with a low glycemic index (carbs are released slowly, avoiding spikes and drops in blood sugar).

* Workout energy enhancer. Bananas are an excellent fuel to boost stamina before you hit the gym or jogging trail. And they’re also a great recovery food after your workout. Try peanut butter and banana slices on brown rice cakes, or a swig a banana, milk and yogurt smoothie to provide fluid, healthy carbs, and protein.

* Glowing skin facial. Fight wrinkles and dry skin with an all-natural moisturizing and softening banana face mask. One popular recipe calls for mashing a ripe banana and mixing it with an egg yolk and one teaspoon of sour cream. Apply to your face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Banana masks can also soften rough, chapped hands. 

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