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Siri Paye is the traditional dish of South Asia, It is very tasty and spicy, Beef Siri Paye is perfect recipe for any event. So with outh wasting any time lets get to our todays recipe.

Time Span:
2 Hours

1.Siri (brain) 1
2.Ginger-garlic paste four table spoons
3.Chili (grounded) 2 table spoons
4.Coriander seeds (crushed) 2 table spoons
5.Turmeric half table spoons
6.Curd half cup
7.Whole all spice
8.All spice (grounded) 1 table spoons
9.Oil half cup
10.Onions 2
11.Salt 1 table spoons


First of all wash the siri thoroughly. Then boil the salt and turmeric. After that drain out the water and keep the siri a side.

fry whole spice and onion in a in a fry pan till it become golden brown. After that add siri in that fry pan well. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry it .

Add somr salt to add some coriander powder, red chilies, curd and fry.keep frying till oil starts floting. Add more water to cook meat well .

When meat is cooked well add grounded all spices. cook it till gravy become thick. Garnish it with green chillies and serve it .

4-5 Person

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